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a visual journal project based on john colton sumner's original writings + heartache


a devised virtual rendering of natasha from chekhov's three sisters


a devised installation piece linguistically rooted in the helen of troy myth


A R T I S T   B I O



Emma Joy Hill's work concentrates on feminist themes such as the believability of women, the male gaze, and the liberation of sexuality. Working across various facets and mediums, her passion for devising extends into a deep concern for societal constraints against female-identifying bodies, rape awareness, and sexual violence activism. Exploring multimedia components, her visual art takes on the dichotomy of women and the world’s treatment of them. The displacement of bodies, along with their mutilation and dismemberment, are common emblems in her pieces. Incorporating stark textures and materials such as string, plastic, tape, wire, and needles, her work points at the fleeting nature of desire while touching on the larger ways women are subject to various acts of violence. Often, her paintings are concluded with fulcrums of debasement, such as canvases being spat on, torn, or ripped open. Her artistic discipline extends beyond the presentation of women’s issues to the ritualistic healing between the objectified self and observer. Her visual art’s expression extends into a deep love for grotesque performance art, devised theatre, and poetry. She has a BA in Theatre Studies/Playwriting from the University of Connecticut where she has had multiple workshops and staged readings of her plays. As a professional playwright, she has developed theatre throughout Connecticut, Philadelphia, and Chicago that explores similar thematic concerns as her visual counterparts. Her female-ensemble installation piece, helen., works to incorporate all artistic mediums including original words, paintings, and performances, in telling the Helen of Troy myth. She is currently based out of Connecticut. 

Drowned Ophelia Place Ravignan ::oil, ch
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