A Skin of Veils

90 min: 3F 4M


War-time. Miriam, an innocent and glorified young girl betrothed to an old rebel, and in love with a young neighboring man faces challenges as a pack of soldiers enacts havoc on the town, consuming women as they cross their paths. While learning the necessities of evil and the chaos of sexuality, Miriam comes to a crossroads of conception and identity. A ravishing by one hand and a kindness by another, who's to tell which has festered within her. 

Miriam - Female, young
Neighbor - Male, young
Joe - Male, old
Father - Female, older*
Mother - Female, older*
Panther - Male, any
Wounded Soldier - Male, younger
Liz - Female, youngish*
Woman - Female, youngish*
Soldiers - Male, not necessarily human actors
*Characters with asterisk are played by same actor listed above/below them

2022: Emergent Theatre Project | Staged Reading | dir. Michael Bradford*(upcoming)
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