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A Skin of Veils

90 min: 3F 4M


War-time. Miriam, an innocent and glorified young girl betrothed to an old rebel, and in love with a young neighboring man faces challenges as a pack of soldiers enacts havoc on the town, consuming women as they cross their paths. While learning the necessities of evil and the chaos of sexuality, Miriam comes to a crossroads of conception and identity. A ravishing by one hand and a kindness by another, who's to tell which has festered within her. 

Miriam - Female, young
Neighbor - Male, young
Joe - Male, old
Father - Female, older*
Mother - Female, older*
Panther - Male, any
Wounded Soldier - Male, younger
Liz - Female, youngish*
Woman - Female, youngish*
Soldiers - Male, not necessarily human actors
*Characters with asterisk are played by same actor listed above/below them

2022: Emergent Theatre Project | Staged Reading | dir. Michael Bradford*(upcoming)


“ The time and place of this play is purposely ambiguous because it’s a story that can happen anywhere at any time. It’s a play about men and women that goes back even before biblical times. It’s about cycles of horror and what it will take to break them. These characters are beautifully written and ones that we need to see on stage today. This play doesn’t shy away from the torture women go through so you shouldn’t look away either. Face the horrors and work to end them. ”
- Shaun Leisher || Literary Manager of Emerge Theatre Company, Literary Manager of RE: Theatre, Nominator for The Kilroys + 50 Playwright Project 
“ Keeping the poetry prevalent in all of Emma's work, this play takes on a subject and world which doesn't always receive the attention deserved. Showcasing how war weaponizes women's bodies, Emma shows violence and love in the form of a woman who is finding herself within the context of a world torn. ”
- Elizabeth Mangan || Dramaturg + NYC Theatre Educator
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