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90 min: 2F 1M


In the jungle, K and Ann struggle to find what it means to be full. Meanwhile, the voyeuristic Man gorges himself in the audience, awaiting the impending danger he's bound to commit. A play that explores how bodies are taught to love. 

K - Female
Ann - Female
The Man - Male

2022: Echo Theatre | Staged Reading | dir. Hadley Shipley
2019: University of Connecticut | Production | dir. Alana Conti
2018: University of Connecticut | Staged Reading | dir. Lindsay Cummings
2017: University of Connecticut | Staged Reading | dir. Nathan Francis

2019 production


K: Zoe Eklund
Ann: Elizabeth Jebran
Man: Jack Dillon

Director: Alana Conti
Assistant Director: Julie Borsotti 
Intimacy Director: Marie Percy
Stage Manager: Lizz Mangan
Assistant Stage Manager: Caroline Saltz
Scenic: Mikayla Carr
Lighting: Matt Lazarus
Costumes: Xurui Wang
Sound: Daniel Landry & Teddy Carraro 


 University of Connecticut || Studio Theatre || 2019


* Poster Design: Matt Lazarus


* Photo Credit: Allison Zerio

Production Photos


 "This lyrical play is a wrenchingly beautiful theatrical fable. The stage pictures, spare lyricism, and direct but complex visual metaphors all come together in a wonderfully unique and cohesive aesthetic whole. This play was uniquely symbolic/theatrically alienating and emotionally potent all at the same time. Hill explores huge topics--identity, toxic patriarchal structures and culture, and the forces in the world that pit women and femme-identifying folks against one another just to name a few--in an intimate and startling way. While there is much terror and tragedy at the end, K's shift points mournfully/hopefully towards paradigm shifting."
- Nick Malakhow || Playwright + Theatre Educator
“ This pay is gross, vile, and uncomfortable. And it is an experience you will not want to leave, even after you are yelled at to do so in the end. With poetry and a queerness, this play showcases love in the face of trauma. Ann goes through a transformation that seems unachievable within the 90 minutes of the play. Nevertheless, Emma brings her through one of the best journeys of a character I've read in recent memory. Read this play, get lost in the jungle, and mourn the loss of innocence along with K and Ann."
- Elizabeth Mangan || Dramaturg + NYC Theatre Educator
“ One of the most powerful, moving, lyrical, and poetic plays I have ever seen. Emma's work transcends the stage and forces her audience to be hyperaware of their compliance with the acts they are witnessing. Truly, a gut-wrenching, powerful examination of love, lust, greed, and empty cases. ”
- Eddie Vitcavage || Dramaturg
“ The poetry and imagery of this play is astonishing. I have never seen the themes of domestic abuse and rape culture tackled in such a unique and compelling way and the way the idea of the male gaze is explored excites me so much. This play like all of Hill’s work will create important conversations as audiences seek answers to the questions she poses. This play gives no easy answers. Only difficult questions that need to be asked if we are to help those being harmed by evil forces like toxic masculinity. ”
- Shaun Leisher || Literary Manager of Emerge Theatre Company, 
Literary Manager of RE: Theatre, Nominator for The Kilroys + 50 Playwright Project 

rehearsal photos


*Film + Editing Credit: April Lichtman

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