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green ghosts good god gone glow

70 min: 2F 3M


Chlorosis (lovesickness) penetrates a local town. A corrupt government's efforts to contain those affected results in the division of Freya from her bricked-in lover, Sam. While Freya works endlessly to try to free Sam from his enclosure, Mother, tormented by her own similar past, desperately tries to pull Freya back to reality. Haunted by his memory, his poetry, his image, Freya relentlessly chases. Of course, once we obtain our ends, it's never what we expected. After all, we're all in love with ghosts.

Freya - Female
Memory of Sam/Sam - Male
Mother - Female
The Officer - Male
The Mayor - Male


“ This feels so much like a story passed down through generations. A horror story of a town separated from their loved ones by an evil government. Love how the playwright looks at the way we love both out of passion and necessity, how we remember those we lost and how those memories can be shattered when those we’ve lost are returned to us. Can’t wait to see what talented designers come up with in designing this world. ”
- Shaun Leisher || Literary Manager of Emerge Theatre Company, Literary Manager of RE: Theatre, Nominator for The Kilroys + 50 Playwright Project 
“ I'm glad this play found its way to me. It's a bleak tale but it is every bit real as it is fiction. Well composed and reads like a classic piece of literature. ”
- Timothy Gadomski || Production Coordinator Nelson Hall Theatre
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