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Cowboys (a horseplay)

90 min: 1F 3M


A young woman's fantastical passion for John Wayne inflicts woe upon the poor Boy next door who helplessly fawns over her. A terrible love triangle turned splendid. John Wayne's Horse saves the day as per usual.


John Wayne 
John Wayne's Horse

*Sal is a young woman (20s), but can be played by an actor of any age. If an older actor is portraying Sal, I think the older the better.
In this case, John Wayne would have to be a much younger actor. Essentially, we must preserve the stark age difference.

*John Wayne’s Horse could be a puppet, but is probably a human.

*The Announcer should be SM/ASM/Crew.

*We must see blood and cum.

*But, remember, this is a comedy. So not too much blood and cum. OR extremely too much blood and cum. There is no in between.

2022: Deviant Theatre | Staged Reading | dir. Lizz Mangan
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