Emma Joy Hill is a writer, performer, dramaturg, and theatre artist. Her passion for writing plays extends into a deep love for grotesque performance art, devised theatre, and sexual violence activism. In the past, she has worked with Bated Breath Theater, helping to devise and write for their productions while also participating in their physical theatre training. She has a BA in Theatre Studies/Playwriting from the University of Connecticut where she has had multiple workshops and staged readings of her plays: The Fit of the Coastlines, In Other Gardens, Trudy Tries to Say I Love You But Runs Out of Breath, Various Levels of Hell, and Those Hollow Bodies which received a full production at the University in May 2019. Those Hollow Bodies will have its Chicago premiere in coming months at Theatre L'Acadie. Emma is currently devising a female-ensemble piece on Helen of Troy. She is currently based out of Connecticut.

I believe that our


dare not do the walk of shame. I believe that our theatre put its manners on the back burner. I believe that our theatre be honest. I believe that our theatre be screaming. I believe that silence is dangerous. I believe in always calling out. I believe we make work for people who hate it. I believe that work will be the work that changes the world. I believe in a world that's interesting because of theatre that's interesting. I believe in a theatre that's interesting only if it interests us. I am only interested in sitting if I can't stand myself. I am only interested in starving and being starved. I am only interested in being uncomfortable. I am only interested in being pinned against the wall. I am only interested in really hot sex. In really loud voices. In big booms. In time bombs. In bright lights. In convulsions. In kissing gross. In impolite. In honest. In gorging myself. In leaving the pots and pans in the sink. In making a wild mess. In eating more. Making more. Even if it means being sick in the morning.